DA FEST 9 | 24 - 28 October 2023, Sofia


Curatorial statement:

"Antibiosis: The Art of Struggle and Survival", the title of the 9th edition of DA Fest is drawn from the idea of antibiotic interaction. Through the lens of contemporary art the program explores the deep and often intense relationships between forces in the natural world.

Just as microorganisms wage battles for supremacy in their microscopic kingdoms, the authors in the festival delve into the intricacies of conflict, contrast and competition within the realms of human experience and the environment.

Antibiosis, a biological phenomenon wherein one organism produces substances that inhibit the growth of another, serves as a prominent metaphor. Through a variety of digital artworks, we invite you to reflect on the parallels between the microbial world's struggles for existence and the multifaceted challenges confronting humanity.

As you navigate the festival program, contemplate how the concept of antibiosis extends beyond its biological origins and resonates within the human condition. We invite you to reflect on the ways in which individuals and societies grapple with opposing forces, adapt to challenges, and ultimately find paths to resilience and growth.

"Antibiosis: The Art of Struggle and Survival" stands as a testament to the power of art in illuminating the hidden struggles and triumphs of existence. It serves as a reminder that the interplay between conflict and cooperation is a universal and eternal phenomenon.